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Galactic Domine is a web based game. The Goal of the game is to Evolve in the galaxy. On this page you´ll find some topics that have been discussed about this game.
Note that this page is Still under Construction
There is the universe where the we live and it is divided into galaxies. The galaxies have solar systems. The solar systems have planets. On the planets we have living forms. That´s the concept of that game. Its idea is not yet mature. But from time to time we are going to continue thinking about its concepts and updating this page.
The actual plan is:
a) think about how the rules of that game are, how should it exactly work.
b) begin to write some code based upon the rules
c) write some more rules and more code

On the planets we can find some resources, like water, oxygen, Energy, all that´s needed to support the live forms. As we have many live forms on many planets we can assume that some elements that support live for one species can be deadly to another one. So on some planets the existence of some live forms is impossible.
As the live forms are intelligent they use the resources on the planets to make space travel possible. But they have to develop the technology first. Using that technology they can colonize other planets or conquer some other existing civilizations. Diseases exists as well. On planets you can have viruses that can be deadly to a specie without natural defenses.

If you have suggestions on this project you´re welcome
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